About Only Connect

Only Connect is a crime prevention charity providing a positive community – including training, support and creative opportunities – for young people at risk, prisoners and ex-offenders. Our programmes deliver support at every point in the crime cycle in order to reduce offending. We see the people we work with as assets, not liabilities, with a contribution to make to their families, communities and wider society.

We deliver 6 programmes across the capital:

OC Central: the King’s Cross members’ club for people at risk of offending

OC West: the West London members’ club for young people aged 16-25

OC Impact: the crime prevention project for London schools and youth centres

OC Create: the arts company producing work inspired and performed by ex-offenders and youth at risk

OC Inspire: the employability programme for serving prisoners

OC Training: the training programme for young people and professionals working with them

Only Connect is also working on the following special initiatives:

The West London Zone supporting children and young people across three square miles of West London

The West London Entourage Project, giving young people in White City better social and professional networks

The York House Group of small charities working in the justice sector in London



For our latest annual report click here

Click here to download 'Twelve Men' by Danny Kruger - collected articles about OC members originally printed in Prospect Magazine


Watch a 2 minute film with OC's founders and members talking about the community:

Watch a 2 minute BBC newsclip about the visit to Only Connect by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in November 2013 (more pics here):


Our vision

Only Connect has one vision but many missions. The group vision is:

“We see prisoners, ex-offenders and young people at risk of crime becoming assets, not liabilities for London: using their talents to help both themselves and the community. Instead of costing society – financially and emotionally – by committing crime, they create social value through their participation in positive projects and activities. In doing this, they discover their own potential and realise their personal dreams.”


Only Connect senior team

Sonia Archer Director, OC West
Sarah Copeland 
Development Director
Julie Costley 
Director, OC Central
Martin Finegan 
Training Director
Mat Ilic 
Strategy Director
Emma Kruger
 Founding Director
Danny Kruger 
Chief Executive
Nate Sence Managing Director 



Paul Boateng
Lady Jane Fellowes

Ruth Field
Giles Inglis-Jones (chair)
Mark Rhodes 


Our track record

Independent research from New Philanthropy Capital shows that OC has a significant impact on crime in London. As their report states, "Only Connect more than halves expected rates of re-offending, from an estimated 57.5% without the charity to 25.9% with the charity."

On the basis of the £145,000 average cost of an ex-prisoner re-offending, our work so far has helped save the taxpayer £3.2 million. This is in addition to our work preventing crime among young people at risk, and OC's wider impact on members' families and communities.

Click here for the full report from New Philanthropy Capital.

Click here for Only Connect's quarterly evaluation report for January-March 2014 

Click here for Only Connect's quarterly evaluation report for April-June 2014